Letter from the Founders

To all you newlyweds, design & decor enthusiasts and renovating home owners out there.

We would like to welcome you to our little creative space. Furnwish is not just a business, it’s our way of sharing our experiences with the world. It’s where we put our thoughts out and learn, iterate and evolve.

When it comes to furnishing an area; Nowadays inspiration is all around, however translating this inspiration into your own space, sometimes maybe more often than not it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined; Not to mention the daunting task of finding the right stores, getting the best value for your money and the risk of a bad choice as a constant ghost lurking over. We’ve all been there!

 Born from the need to unleash our inner design gurus and ease the process of discovering stores and products without having any doubts or second thoughts, came the idea to create an application that answers the most common pains and hassles related to furnishing.

Our goal is to simplify your life when it comes to home furnishing and to continue improving your experience start to finish. We want to take you from point A to point B right now, this instant and this moment. Not the next year or the next month or even tomorrow. We want you to always have a sense of progress to continuously live ahead your dream, see the results before committing your money, time and effort.

We want to do things differently and share our journey with you. We want to invite you behind the scenes and let you be a part of what we create, include you in our every step and hear from you, learn from you and grow together.

Over the course of the few coming weeks we will be posting more blog articles to keep you updated on where we are, what we are creating and how we plan to implement all our learnings.

Please bear with us and be patient as we improve and evolve with your guidance and feedback.

Yours truly,

Reham Elmasry & Ingi Naguib

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